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Boreal winter in the focus of the Jyväskylä Winter School of Ecology

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science and the Department of Biological and Environmental Science of the University of Jyväskylä organise the 10th annual international Jyväskylä Winter School of Ecology at the Konnevesi Research Station on 13th – 24th of February 2017. The Winter School gathers 37 biology and ecology students who represent 18 nationalities. The school aims at developing multi-disciplinary skills of students related to biology and ecology, design thinking, team working, presentation skills, and peer learning. The free time programme offers the opportunity to experience Finnish winter and culture with activities, such as going to sauna, skiing, ice hole swimming and ice fishing.

Quality teaching in the field conditions

The Jyväskylä winter school is a two-week program offering intensive courses and one workshop. The courses combine interactive group work with lectures and presentations. On the first week “Boreal Winter Ecology” -course, the students study the winter behaviour of mammals, birds, fish and plants in the boreal and subarctic winter. The students develop their language skills and create networks by working in small groups, doing field research and skiing in the Pyhä-Häkki National Park, where are 400-year-old pine trees that bear scars of ancient forest fires. The second ”Wildlife Ecology and Game Research” –course provides an excellent overview of the research in wildlife biology and game in Finland and Northern Europe. The course lecturers are Finnish teachers who are top experts in their fields.

Workshop brings experts together to discuss

The workshop “Wildlife-human co-existence or conflict” (22nd – 24th of February 2017) concludes the Winter School. This unique workshop brings together to discuss the opportunities and problems of sustainable wildlife populations among and in the midst of human societal activities. The workshop is a remarkable international meeting place for biologists. This year, 50 researchers from 12 different countries take part in the workshop. Finnish game research is of the highest international rank and students are guided to use of long-term game biological data, wildlife monitoring and large game biology, ecology and life-histories. Konnevesi Research Station is known for its hospitality among researchers and offers a unique scenic setting for workshop.

The most important goals of the Winter School are the development of graduate students’ scientific skills, integration with the international science community, network building and field work in boreal winter.

More information and programme:

  • Chairman of the Winter School, Station Director, Professor Hannu Ylönen, 050 539 9542, hannu.ylonen@jyu.fi
  • Departmental Coordinator  Elina Leskinen, 050 581 835, elina.leskinen@jyu.fi
  • www.jyu.fi/winterschool

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