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Do kids and adults consume caffeine for the same reasons?

An article in Quartz about the impact that caffeine can
have on an individual’s health interviews Jennifer Temple,
director of UB’s Nutrition and Health Research Lab, who a
little over a decade ago noticed how scant the research was on how
caffeine affects children and adolescents. “It’s less
about combating fatigue and more about things like, ‘I use it
to study for a test, or I use it to be better at playing video
games or I use it to feel high,’” she said. “They
use a language that’s much more about performance-enhancement
or mood-elevation, whereas in adults, the language…is much
more centered on withdrawal reversal — ‘so I wake up in
the morning, I don’t want to get a headache, I don’t
want to feel sluggish, I’ll drink my

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