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Linkin Park, Rascal Flatts & Snoop Dogg Top The Albums Of The Week

Thu, 18 May 2017 16:04:51

Linkin Park, Rascal Flatts  Snoop Dogg Top The Albums Of The Week - May 19 -

Linkin Park Photos

  • Linkin Park - CLARKSTON, MI - AUGUST 30: Chester Bennington of Linkin Park performs during the Carnivores Tour on August 30, 2014 in Clarkston, United States.
  • Linkin Park - CLARKSTON, MI - AUGUST 30: Mike Shinoda (L) and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park performs during the Carnivores Tour on August 30, 2014 in Clarkston, United States.
  • Linkin Park - CLARKSTON, MI - AUGUST 30: Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park performs during the Carnivores Tour on August 30, 2014 in Clarkston, United States.

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    Linkin Park Videos

    • Steve Aoki - Darker Than Blood (ft. Linkin Park)
    • Linkin Park - Final Masquerade

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      What a week for album releases. Old gangstas and country gents return to roots, whilst dance punks get deeper into fresh grooves and Goths become the focus of adult melancholy while rap rock suddenly becomes pop.

      Chk Chk Chk, known for an incredible stage show and studio work ethic, spent just 4 days recording 19 songs in Barcelona, Spain to produce a superbly groovy that seems ready to soundtrack the summer parties.

      Linkin Park have produced a departure from their expected sound and shared an album that leans into pop music with a signature swagger. The Mountain Goats pause for thought with a set of darkly reflective songs built on a theme of mortality and culture.

      Snoop Dogg keeps it old school in a celebration of self, while Rascal Flatts also sound upbeat about their sense of belonging in a band that’s energized and served them well.

      Chk Chk Chk — “Shake the Shudder” — Warp Records

      Nic Offer and the boys are back with their unique approach to live dance music. Things have moved on since their last album, Thr!!!er — the spirit of the band remains strong, but the grooves feel somehow deeper, groovier, and perhaps more ready for remix. With one mind on the darkness of the political landscape, and the heart set on dancing in defiance Shake the Shudder is very much the album that fans of the band will need for 2017.

      Linkin Park — “One More Night” — Warner Brothers Records

      This may well be a decisive album on the career path of Linkin Park. A band that has previously been filed under rock-rap and alternative has delivered a collection of tracks that sound as close to pop music as fans could ever be comfortable coming near. Yes, the main themes here are regret and recollection but this new, accessible sound, delivers the signature themes of Linkin Park of old, but with new, perhaps mellowed vision that is set to keep them in heavy radio rotation for quite some time.

      The Mountain Goats — “Goths” — Merge Records

      With a title-track that focuses on a (usually) teenage subculture, the songs on this, the sixteenth album from The Mountain Goats, is a particularly mature scope. Speaking about the album the band’s Peter Hughes wrote in a statement, “a subject closer to my heart perhaps than that of any Mountain Goats album previous. And while John writes the songs, as he always has, it feels more than ever like he’s speaking for all of us in the band, erstwhile goths (raises hand) or otherwise, for these are songs that approach an identity most often associated with youth from a perspective that is inescapably adult.”

      Snoop Dogg — “Neva Left” — Doggystyle Records

      Describing his new album, that shares artwork that comes from his DoggyStyle era on it’s cover, Snoop said “Throughout the years, I’ve had my hands in a lot of different projects, but music has always remained at my core. This album reflects every phase of me throughout my career. I’m excited for ya’ll to hear this new project that highlights the evolution of the Dogg.” The tunes are reflective, the persona that the rapper has secured for himself, and — other than that odd glitch as ‘Snoop Lion’ this album, like his others, just proves that Snoop continues business as usual. Track “Mount Kushmore” has all the showmanship of gangsta that’s a little less easy to believe these days, from Martha Stewart’s cookery show co-host. But when Redman, Method Man and B-Real join in with their verses all silliness is forgotten and this old-school feeling album, if taken lightly, is great fun.

      Rascal Flatts — “Back To Us” — Big Machine Records

      On an album that’s easily reflective of their 2000 debut, Rascal Flatts deliver a collection that once again focuses on their ability to harmonize, write songs that resonate with a strata of society that they call their own, and slowly push the envelope into new territories. There’s a freshness to this, their tenth studio album, that offers an eagerness to keep things new, brave and within a tradition that has served them well. This is an album about roots, about belonging and about the brotherhood that’s experienced in a band of this caliber. It’s not all self-indulgent though — this is a journey energized by fans and the atmosphere of gratitude is palpable.

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